About Me

Deni Staples CCHt.

I am a certified whole health Hypnotherapist. I received my training from the Colorado School of Counseling Hypnotherapy. I have been practicing for the last 12 years, in Colorado and California and have held phone or skype sessions from all over the world.

Additional training and certifications

I am interested in Spiritual growth, I believe it goes hand in hand with mindfulness and hypnotherapy.          I attend Mile Hi Church in Lakewood CO. A church that believes in love and have taken many classes.  

 While attending Hypnotherapy School, I  took classes with Denver Intuitive teacher and medium

 Deb Sheppard.

 I  studied Communications at Pittsburg State University              

I am certified in the following                           

 Past Life Regression

Spirit Releasement

Cellular Release Therapy

I have worked as an intuitive  and medium over the last 20 yrs

What I Believe

I have some wonderful techniques that I can teach you, so that you feel connected to your Soul and your Higher Power so that you can answer your own question, and have your very best life~