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Mindset is everything... and you changing your mindset to the beliefs and the life that you choose to live and practicing that mindset and those beliefs everyday is the key to your success. The secret is... that the more you practice this way of living, the more it just becomes the way you do live. 

That's where  you connect to your empowerment. Its feels wonderful~

We begin by talking about what you feel like the issues are, things come on in layers and this begins the process of uncovering some of those layers. This is not talk therapy, but talking  about it in the beginning helps us both be guided to  where this may have begun for you and what you may have stuck in your subconscious. Then we have some guidance of what hypnotic/mindfulness processes to take you through. 

An example...

When you were two years old, you heard your 21 yr old, college student father say in frustration," there is never enough money to pay the bills, damn it." and pounds his fist on the table and it scares you and makes you cry. So that stays in your subconscious  saying over and over in your head growing up, there's never enough money to pay the bills...

And now your  an adult and you make what you feel is plenty of money, but you find your self at the end of the month with not enough money to pay the bills, and it always brings us fear. We go in and you are guided to find the answers.Then we clear it and anchor in a positive story... I always make enough money to meet my bills. After we discuss what has been discovered in the talk portion we both discuss a plan of action for what you need to have released subconsciously, and what you want to anchor in positively. 


Energy Clearing/Self-Hypnosis

This is the introductory session. I teach you the process and you learn what it feels like to go under quicker. You also learn to stay present when the world is trying to hypnotize you, you learn how to clean your own energy and what being cleared feels like and how to stay that way. You learn how to check in with yourself to see if you have any past lives that need to be looked at or if you have any earth bound spirits attached to you that's causing you to feel agitated or blue, not yourself. You learn how to check in with your emotions or body parts that have caused you pain and need to be heard.

Once your energy is clean and cleared you learn how to anchor in all the positive mindset goals you want to live by...

Past Life Regression

Is such a beautiful thing... It feel's like it is so much more powerful for you to see, feel, hear and live a past life under hypnosis. You remember it first hand, how you experienced that life.  In a past life regression there is always a lesson for this life. To help you heal and have answers on how to live this life to your highest and best. I have people relive past lives from all eras, countries and backgrounds. I have had people have experiences from inside the womb, from heaven, and from between lives. They are all so fascinating and very healthy and healing for the client and beautiful to hear.

Increasing Psychic Abilities

We are all psychic... its just up to us to decide how much we want to learn the skills to use it in our everyday lives or not.  I show you what "holding space" for someone means,It helps you powerfully connect to your higher power and how they want to help you.   Learning to work with your own intuitive ability and to  have these skills  gives you clarity and a guidance. I offer sessions one at a time when you are ready or as a class depending on what you want to work on and how fast. It includes Identifying your spirit guides or guardian angels. It shows you how protection works and how divine love works. You also can have answers about heaven and hell.

Connecting to Loved Ones Who Have Died

In this session I help you close the gap between Heaven and Earth, showing you how to connect with your loved one so that you can see and feel and hear how they are doing on the other side. Going to a medium is a nice option and they serve a great purpose, but under hypnosis you don't need someone to give you validation to prove that it's your loved one  coming through.  You just know.

 Its nice to have the chance to resolve any issue, with the loved one, you feel has  been missed, you can tell them how mad you are that they died or you get to hug them one last time and you tell them you love them once more and you can see it and feel their energy.

 The really beautiful part is they tell you and show you how to stay connected with them, so you always have access to them.

Fertility/Infertility Issues

There are a lot of people seeking infertility treatments. In this session we go in and ask what is causing the fertility issue and what you need to do to get some resolution. It may be a fear about being pregnant, it may be guilt or shame about a past sexual experience or the loss of a previous child or abortion. After we get clarity on what's causing the issue, we do what your soul or higher self guides you to do next. It maybe clearing that past sexual experience, it might be connecting to the soul of the child that you lost, so that you have closure. It might even be clearing a past life where you lost a child or passed away before you had the child and you subconscious doesn't what you to go thru that again so it's keeping you from getting pregnant.  We don't know until we get in there. But your soul knows and it guides us the right way.   I have even had sessions where after we have cleaned and clear you subconscious mind of the old patten of beliefs, clients future children come through to speak to them and to show them what life is going to be like once they are here with them as a family. Its such a beautiful thing...

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction issues can be based in emotion. We go inward and ask the questions that lead us to the answers. It maybe trauma or medication or shame or guilt over sexuality. Once we get the answers the choices can been seen more clearly and can be made. I provide a safe space for you to get the answers and all sessions are always confidential. This  type of session can be for men and women.

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